Q? I can not found my bank in list of banks. How can I pay?

A: If your bank not provided by our system, you can write letter to info@coinstant.es 
We will be glad to add bank account of this bank to our system for pay instantly. Anytime you can make SEPA transaction to bank account from list of our bank accounts and you will be recieved bitcoins when we will recieved payment.

Q? When I will recieve my bitcoins after payment?

A: If you are already verified user, you will recieved bitcoins after our confirmation about transfer recieved. Usualy it not takes more then 15 minutes.

Q? When I will recieve payment after I sent bitcoins?

A: In some minutes after receive 1 confirmation of bitcoins transaction we will make instant payment to your bank account. Make sure that your bank is accepting instant transfers. In case that bank doesn't support instant transfers payment will be made by SEPA and takes 1-2 working days.

Q? Can I recieve invoice of my purchcase?

A: Yes, you can request invoice of fees paid for our service by email: info@coinstant.es

Q? Is it required to verify my ID?

A: If you want to use buying service you must be identificated by verification of your ID. For sell your bitcoins it does not requere verification.

Q? I have error status of trade, what should I do?

A: If status of trade have some error, you can click on status message and you get instrucions how to fix error for receive bitcoins.

Q? Why price of trade was changed?

A: If you made error by making bank transfer the price of trade will be changed when you will fix your error. Price for selling bitcoins is freeze when bitcoins was sent