Taking into account that the Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing generate great social and economic problems to the whole world, Coinstant, reaffirms the ethical commitment of its Shareholders, Board of Directors, the Chief Executives and of all the personnel to keep the necessary diligence and care to prevent that the operations of Coinstant made with funds or on funds originated from illicit activities provided in 
  •  Act 10/2010 Dated 28th April For Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism, which unifies the previous regulations and modifies the proposed regimen for anti-money laundering and terrorist financing previously set forth in the law 19/1993of 28 December, the Royal Decree 925/1995 of 9 June and law 12/2003. The law has been modified by Act 19/2003 in respect of national Peps.
  • Royal Decree 925/1995 Of 9 June, which approves a regulation of law 19/1993 of 28 December (on specific measures to prevent money laundering) valid until the new regulation is approved
  • Royal Decree 54/2005 Of 21st January, which amends Regulation of Law 19/1993 of 28 December, on specific measures to prevent money laundering, as approved by RD 925/1995, of 9 June, and other rules for the regulation of the banking, financial and insurance systems. (In Spanish)
  • Law 12/2003 for the prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism.
Coinstant accept fiat or crypto deposits from third-parties private and legal clients. This Policy and internal controls are designed to prevent the use of the institutional by criminal elements for illicit purposes. The policy and internal controls contemplate "Know Your Customer", monitoring employee training, suspicious activity and regulatory reposrting, and independent testing programs. All fiat deposits from third-parties clients are identificated by Document ID verification in our site, We do not accept deposits from bank accounts, if owner of bank account doesn't matched with client's verificated ID. All cryptocurrencies deposits from third-parties need to be made from own wallet without using mixing sofware. All cryptocurrencies transactions could be checked by AML Analytics software to avoid illicit origins of funds.

We make emphasis in our obligation to collaborate with the authorities, as provided in the laws in force, which include submitting information to the Finance Analysis Unit and to law enforcement agencies, among others.

Our institution has always followed the principle of keeping a high morality in the job based in the ethical, honest and integral performance of its whole personnel.